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Sustainability Contained

I find inspiration in simple solutions for complex problems.

Several years ago, I was introduced to the concept of sustainable architectural design. Sustainability is now an overused and trite description for a crisis that now envelopes our everyday lives. I see real sustainability as a way of resolving waste, mitigate rising energy costs and to provide quality design solutions to ensure affordable construction.

The argument that sustainable design is expensive is FAKE NEWS!

A few years ago, I had the privilege of undertaking a study tour to look at the use of shipping containers for housing and industrial usage in the United Kingdom, Germany and Denmark.

Since that time, Gerard Coutts & Associates has established itself at the forefront of project management and the design and repurposing of shipping containers. After this initial exposure to the use of containers overseas, we now see a palate of uses in the Australian domestic market:

  • Multi containers houses

  • Compact dwellings

  • Remote housing

  • Tiny houses

  • Emergency housing

  • Offices

  • Amenity blocks

  • Canteens

  • Ticket booths

  • Food outlets

  • Retail stores

The benefits for using containers are as follows:

  • uniform in dimension

  • rigid and structurally sound

  • stackable/modular

  • easily connectable

  • a ‘waste product’ that would otherwise be resigned to the scrap yard

  • embodied energy of the container is retained within the structure

After an inspiring year of design and delivery for a range of clients, we look forward to 2020 with the exciting launch of GCA Container Concepts.

Gerard Coutts

Project Manager & Architect

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