• Jacqui Fewson

Bruny Island

I recently traveled to Bruny Island, a little spot of paradise 50km off the coast of Hobart. As soon as I stepped off the ferry, I immediately felt myself relax and unwind.

I was in awe of the natural, untouched beauty of the land. On one side of the shoreline was pristine waters and on the other green bush-land. Every part of this secluded island had an outrageously beautiful view.

There are some delicious food and drink vendors that I’d highly recommend. Bruny boasts of its local produce; whiskey, wine, gin, honey, chocolate and their famous oysters. The islands wildlife sanctuary featured feathery little treasures like swift parrots and forty-spotted pardalotes.

With a population of 600 permanent residents, besides regular ‘weekend’ residents, every property seemed to have its own private beach. Such silence and serenity. Due to the island’s remoteness, there are no taxis or public transport on the island. The best way to get around is to take your own car via the ferry or catch a local bus tour.

Any real estate on this 40km end-to-end island I imagine is precious and expensive. The cost for building materials, labourers, machinery and transport (via ferry) would be very costly and timely. I had an idea.

This seems like an ideal place to substitute traditional building methods with a shipping container build.

Modular holiday homes, guest house extensions or freestanding vendors to showcase Bruny’s famous local produce are just some examples of how repurposed shipping containers could be utilised.

A new container build could be constructed and fitted off site, ferried over and assembled on site in as little as a day. It would reduce the impact on the environment, save time, money and is a more sustainable option; all of which are factors that would appeal to the Kingsborough Council and their necessary planning and building approvals.

Such builds could also provide more opportunities for the local community to cater for more of the 150,000 tourists they receive each year. I’d love to go back and visit one day.

I highly recommend Bruny island to anyone seeking a unique and secluded getaway experience.

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